We live in a world where media is commonplace. Whether it be videos, photos, or games, there is plenty of them out there.

Now, since mobile phones have evolved into a more robust gadget, we are not only able to enjoy capturing those perfect moments but we are also capable of reliving those moments through video.

And what’s more, mobile phones now have the capability of storing all of those precious memories into its storage device.

That is really good and all, but the problem surfaces when you actually need to organize the files for easy access.

Luckily, you do not have to do that manually because there is an app that allows you to organize your files and more.

The Plex App for Android mobile phones is a file organizing app that allows you to organize all of your photos, videos, and music collections. Not only that but the app also allows you to stream all of your content in your other Plex-enabled devices.

Now, the Plex App for Android is a free application and there is an option to pay a one-time fee to unlock its full functionality.

The free option is already a robust organizing solution. After organizing your photos, videos, and music on the Plex app, the free version of the Flex app allows you to stream all of your content in other Plex-enabled devices such as your Android tablet or AndroidTV.

Furthermore, should you watch all of your content on the Android TV, the Plex App for Android mobile phones also functions as a remote control so that you can manipulate the stream by just using your phone.

Let’s not forget that this app is a great file organization app. You can allow this app to specify the which file formats go into which category (or folder, though you have to create one). This allows you to perfectly organize all of your files and that it will allow you to know where you put your specific files.

Moreover, this app has a built-in search feature that allows you to get to your specific file by just typing the correct keywords.

Obviously, the free version of the app has some downsides as some of the functionalities have been watermarked. To remove the watermark, you can pay for their one-time premium subscription service to unlock the full functionality of the app.

After paying the one-time payment, you can now enjoy a lot more features. One notable feature I really like about their premium service is that it searches for the metadata of your music and videos.

If you have full movies, for example, it will search their internet database for the correct metadata of that specific movie. This allows you to know more information about that movie.

The Plex App for Android mobile phones also automatically converts your files to a more compatible file format so you can play all of your files on whatever Plex-enabled platform.

Again, these features are only available if you pay for their one-time subscription service.

If you live in an RV and you want to take full advantage of the Plex App for Android, you may want to get a mobile phone signal booster for a steady 3G or 4G signal in your mobile home. You do not want your streaming experience to be interrupted at any time, right?

The Plex App for Android is free to download with a one-time subscription plan. This app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.