Kirby, a very popular Nintendo character, didn’t rise up to fame as quickly as its other Nintendo counterparts.

Kirby needed a little bit more traction to take off as one of the faces of Nintendo, and today, we are going to talk about a game that’s put Kirby’s landmark on the entire Nintendo field.

The Kirby 64 The Crystal Shard Game for the Nintendo 64 is one of the best looking games for the said game console r4 3ds

It is a 3D side-scrolling platform game that makes use of the iconic Kirby’s copy abilities to further your advances.

The story starts when a planet called “Ripple Star” was invaded by an alien race known as the Dark Matter.

Ripple Star was a planet full of fairies and they get their powers from the great crystal. Because of the Dark Matter’s invasion, the great crystal was shattered into pieces and was scattered throughout the galaxy.

One of the fairies, Ribbon, was able to get a few shards but she cried to see all of the other shards being flown into the distance.

Because of Ribbon’s valiant effort to save as many crystal shards as possible, she fell to Kirby’s home planet, the Pop Star.

Upon coming across Kirby, Ribbon tells him about what happened and being a good guy, Kirby vows to help Ribbon collect the crystal shards.

Both of them sought the aid of Adeleine, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede, but upon their arrival, they immediately saw that all of them have been possessed by the Dark Matter.

The only way to help them regain their consciousness back is to defeat them in battle, in which Kirby triumphantly does.

After snapping out of the Dark Matter’s control, all of them vow to help Kirby and Ribbon in their quest of retrieving all of the crystal shards.

After recreating the great crystal, Ribbon used its powers to eliminate the Dark Matter presence on her home planet.

The Dark matter was obliterated but the leader of the pack, Zero Squared, formed a new planet called the Dark Star. That is where the final dungeon is and Kirby needs to defeat Zero Squared in order to save the day.

Kirby 64 The Crystal Shard Game for the Nintendo 64 is a fun game where you visit a total of 6 planets, each with differing levels.

You will fight against the Dark Matter and you will also be on a quest to retrieve the great crystal shards.

In the game, Kirby can suck enemies and copy their abilities. You have to use this to your advantage as there are some areas of the game that will require you to make full use of some of the enemy’s abilities.

Another unique thing in the game is that you can suck the same enemy and copy its ability multiple times. Each time you suck the same type of enemy, the ability that you copy will be much stronger. There is a total of 35 abilities that you can copy in the game.

The Kirby 64 The Crystal Shard Game for the Nintendo 64 is another classic Kirby game. It is fun, it is light-hearted, and you get to play Kirby in all his glory.