The DS cards and also DSi cards are just nothing but the cartridges along with the memory space to store the games, software and various other items necessary for the gaming consoles. These cartridges are basically made up of the latest upgrades for giving the advanced user experience when you would like to play the favorite Nintendo handheld console. When it comes to the video gaming consoles, use of the r4 cards is highly essential for everyone. R4 is the early version of cards and now the players can able to find the latest version of console gaming cards like r4i. Now days, all players are using only these R4i cards in order to easily convert the DS and DSi consoles into the cool and enjoyable video players, Mp3 players or the web browsers along with the playing of various regular games.

About the R4i cards for your gaming consoles:

Everyone is recommended using the R4 SDHC cards when you are willing to play the games on the popular gaming consoles. When it comes to the DS console gaming platform, it is better using the r4 cards for your successful game play. R4 stands for the Revolution 4 which is exclusively produced for the Nintendo DS platform.

Whenever the players are willing to play the games on the Nintendo DSi console gaming platform, every player is recommended using the r4i cards in the best manner. These are the special kinds of advanced cards working better on the DSi console gaming platform in order to enjoy your game play. The SDHC cards available on the R4 game are basically helpful to store more numbers of games, software and other items because of largest memory space.

Capacity of R4i cards:

When considering the R4i cards, they are usually coming with the latest memory capacity of about 32 GB in order to store many numbers of games.

The R4i card can have a capacity of holding up to 250 different varieties of games on the single R4i card. It is definitely the greater option for everyone to enjoy the latest advancements and luxury technology in the console video game play.

Gaming at such DSi console gaming platforms with the help of the R4i gaming cards at the convenience of the individuals to play the games, listening to the music while travelling, browsing anything on the web and many other things.

The SDHC of the R4 card usually comes without the spring for mitigating the various problems faced with the spring slot in the micro SD card.

It typically comes with the plastic cover which is greatly protective basically on the connector strips. Thus, it reduces the chances of getting dusts on the various sensitive parts of the DS cards.

Both the DS and DSi cards are really stable and worth buying for the beginner players who would often like to play the varieties of games on the different video gaming consoles. Using the R4i cards, the game play experienced will be improved for all DSi players.